Autonomous Floor Scrubber

Autonomous Floor Scrubber

Our latest autonomous floor scrubbing robot is leading the way in revolutionizing cleaning operations. It features a market-leading 14 sensors, resulting in 360 degrees visibility and advanced obstacle avoidance. The robot has simple controls, and reporting capabilities that tell you what level of efficiency and productivity you’re getting from your floor cleaning operations. It has been engineered from the ground up to be the highest in quality, reliability, and serviceability with industry-leading technology and software.

The autonomous robot floor scrubber is the next wave in warehouse automation.


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Autonomous Robot Floor Scrubber

The autonomous floor scrubbing robot that’s already cleaning many of the world’s top commercial facilities.


  • Automated navigation and cleaning
  • Simple, versatile cleaning configurations
  • Remote fleet management & performance metrics
  • Proven supply chain solution
  • Safe, secure operation