High Density Storage Solutions


BPS Global is of the high capability to design, supply, and build a turnkey storage system by integrating high-quality storage equipment which includes AS/RS solutions, mobile racking, selective racking and pallet shuttle, etc.


AS/RS Solutions

Closely cooperating with a well-known international leader in the industry, HKLTS is able to deliver a fully functional turnkey automatic storage system, including but not limited to stacker cranes, conveying systems, aisle equipment, warehouse management system as well as major subcontracts such as racking, wall and roof cladding, fire detection and extinguishing systems, heating, and ventilation, among others.


Mobile Racking

By converting racking aisles into useable space for logistics and other purposes, mobile racking systems can create up to 100% increase in available pallet locations, offering a cost-effective storage solution. Our consulting team adopts modular design concept, which allows the system to be designed specifically according to clients' preferences and requirements. As the mobile racking system allows aisles to be open simultaneously, enabling multiple forklifts to put-away and retrieve stock concurrently, high productivity levels can thus be ensured.


Pallet Shuttle

Thanks to high-quality components and simple design, BPS Global provides pallet shuttles to clients which perform with a high productivity level and top reliability. The pallet shuttle system consists of a specific rack and a mobile shuttle. This shuttle is a self-powered device that runs on rails in the storage lanes to load and unload pallets. From its home position, the shuttle performs the loading and unloading tasks without any further human intervention.


Automated Picking System

Automated Picking System is one of the solutions for warehouse automation. The Intelligent and Automated Picking System enables automatic high-density storage, which helps reducing warehouse rental cost and labor cost.


Vertical Carousel

Vertical Carousel is a highly efficient goods-to-person solution characterized by a series of carriers mounted to a vertical oval track inside a large cabinet. By rotating the carriers through a command on screen, the required items could be carried out to the operator automatically.