High Speed Door System

High Speed Door System

High-speed door systems are automatic door systems that are mainly used in industrial applications, especially suitable for the food industry or the pharmaceutical processing & packaging industry which requires special climatic conditions, its short opening and closing times are very effective to reduce cooling loss.
High Speed Door
As for warehouse operation, a high-speed door can be installed as a barrier to isolate the inside and outside of the warehouse to prevent elements that are unfavorable such as dust, odor, pollution, or even insects.
Customize the shutter to suit your specific site requirements, from size, material, and finish, to adding options such as a warning indicator, obstacle detection sensor, operation switch and more.
  Extra high speed
The operation of start up sensor or switch will be run by machine usually driving shorten the opening time, efficiency operation is developed concurrently with the improvement of preventing of insect, dust, outside air and energy saving.


Sheet both sides using MONBAN tube instead of conventional fastener for more silent operation and prevent damage.


High grade airtight

Air tight seal attached to the top frame with high insect and dust proof effect, and ideal for a variety of clean environment.