Automated Picking System

Automated Picking System

Automated Picking System is one of the solutions for warehouse automation. The Intelligent and Automated Picking System enables automatic high-density storage, which helps reducing warehouse rental cost and labor cost.


The intelligent and automated system is comprised of 3 modules:

1. Rail set and Tote Bins

  • Stackable tote bins and modular rail set allow warehouse space to be utilized to its full capacity

2. Robots

  • Retrieve and store any tote bin from top to bottom
  • The quantity of picking robot will affect the throughput performance

3. Integrated Software System

  • Warehouse Management System (WMS): Manage all information of the warehouse; Send and handle order information from clients to PMS
  • Product Management System (PMS): Synchronize inventory information to online
  • Process Control System (PCS): Provide device instruction for API connection



Picking Spider System (PSS) is a newly launched solution for warehouse automation, which can handle all operations starting from storage to picking and packing.


Main Features:

  • Save warehouse rental cost
  • Increase storage capacity
  • Suitable for warehouse with a minimal 3-m ceiling height
  • Integrate with WMS
  • Retrieve items with priorities
  • Raise working efficiency from 30% to 80%


Case Study

Warehouse Area
Around 1,000 sq. meter
No. of Robot
12 Robots
  No. of Tote Bins
Around 31,000 Tote Bins
   Payback period
Within 2-3 years

Implementing PSS can bring you benefits of:

 ↡ 1,400 sq.m

Warehouse space can be reduced, compared to the same storage capacity.

↡ $3M(HKD)

Manpower cost per year can be saved and reduced significantly.

3,000 bins

Movements can be achieved in a day for 10 hours operation with 12 Robots working restlessly.