Smart 4-direction Shuttle Robot

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Smart 4-direction Shuttle Robot


  • The Incorporation of Store and Distribution
    The shuttle travels underneath the pallet, achieves rail switching in place, carries the pallet to the designated station without extra handling.

  •  Smart Traffic Dynamically Management
    Device is equipped with internal control system, built-in warehouse navigation, automatic recording and information feedback, routing optimization and update, real-time feedback of the status of cargo and equipment.

  • Modular Configuration
    The modular configuration achieves easier replacement and maintenance.

  • Stereo Configuration
    The storage levels will be modified by evaluating the height of plant and cargo, achieving stereo intensive intelligent storage, even for the low-height storage section.

  • Intensive-Plane
    Single-layout storage can achieve different combination of single deep-seat and multi deep-seat; then it can provide most ideal product strategy for the commodity of the storage.

  • Expandability
    Regulating the number of equipment accords to the warehouse efficiency. In addition, the completed project remains flexibility for future extension with short implementation period and no influence on the original execution.