Cold Storage Dedicated Shuttle Robot

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Cold Storage Dedicated Shuttle Robot

Cold storage dedicated shuttle robot is a specific product developed for low temperature cold storage. This robot can store and distribute the goods safely and stably which can reach the lowest temperature of - 35℃.




  • 4-direction Travel

The robot can travel along a longitudinal or transverse track on a three-dimensional shelf cross track without the need for a machine change track.

  • Smart Control

The robot is controlled by the terminal, to ensure perfection.




1. Fully Automated

Device stores and distributes the goods without leaving the library.

2. Unmanned

No need for forklift and personnel to enter the warehouse which avoid safety risks.

3. Density maximization

Use high-density storage scheme to achieve maximum density.

4. Energy Optimization

The maximum number of goods gives the minimal level of energy consumption of unit load and maximally optimizes the total energy consumption.

5. Remote monitoring

Real-time monitoring and visual feedback.