Stacking Handling Robot

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Stacking Handling Robot



  • Intelligent Four Direction Traveling

The 4-direction shuttle, changing the track in situ. It can take goods at any cargo location in the same plane that reducing the equipment configuration.


  • A Set of Fixtures, Multi-layer Cargo

Lifting mechanism can take and deliver the goods from 1 to 5 floor in the vertical direction.


  • Real-time Feedback, Real-time Control

WCS dispatches vehicle work and monitors the vehicle coordinate position, speed, electricity and other states in real time.




1. Flexible processing capability

Corporation among all the shuttles travelling in required levels can create three times efficiency compared with traditional picking up procedure.


2. Customization

Customization can be made according to the height of the warehouse and the user demand.


3. Energy conservation and environmental protection

Dark factory operation is using chargeable battery, saving energy, protecting environment and giving a green pollution- free condition.