CubiScan 210 DS


It provides our customers a low-cost motion dimension resolution, which is particularly well-suited for high-speed distribution and sortation applications where efficiency and cost reduction are the primary.


The CubiScan In-motion sensor uses Class 2 laser technology to measure object length, width and height. The sensor has a self-contained controller for measurement operation and communication output. The system is capable of interfacing to optional in-motion scale, multi-sided bar code scanners, label printing devices, packaging machines, and allows for pass-through package processing. The system can also communicate with mainframe or PC hosts using the powerful yet flexible QBIT™ user and data interface software.




Measurement for Cuboidal Objects


The CubiScan In-motion with a single sensor is a lower-cost single sensor system for dimensioning cuboidal items that requires less-demanding accuracy. It is particularly well-suited for high-speed distribution and sortation applications where efficiency and cost reduction are the primary objectives.


Measurement for Any Shape


The CubiScan In-motion with dual sensors is a high-speed, high-accuracy in-line dimensioning system. It is a dual sensor system for dimensioning cuboidal or irregular shaped items in a more demanding cubing application. It is capable of accurately measuring “box” or “real” volume and is well suited for high-speed distribution and sortation applications.




  • Measuring capacity can be customized
  • Dual sensors for dimensioning cuboidal or irregular-shaped items
  • Direct data transfer to WMS/Database
  • An optional scale can be installed under the flat and powered conveyor belt
  • An automated high speed in-motion dimensioning and weighing system



Performance Specifications


Detectable Object Shape:

Cuboidal / Irregular-shaped Objects


Object Interval:

25 mm


Conveyor Speed:

≤ 3 m/s

Measurement Range


Measuring range can be customized


Normal Measurement Range:


Minimum Size:

5 x 5 x 5 cm


Maximum Size:

200 x 100 x 100 cm(Maximum range of over 3 m)



Sensor Type:



Laser Sensor x 1;



Laser Sensor x 2


Host Interfaces:

RS-232/RS-422, Ethernet, Profibus and Devicenet, Output format is user-definable



Visible light (650nm)



Box Volume; Real Volume


Operating Voltage/Power Consumption:

24 V DC +- 15% / max. 50W



0 to 40 C

Physical Specifications



32 in (81 cm)



27 in (69 cm)



23 in (58 cm)



62 Ib (28 kg)



Measurement Range


Length Capacity:

0.1 - 18 in (0.2 - 45 cm)


Width Capacity:

0.1 - 12 in (0.2 - 30 cm)


Height Capacity:

0.1 - 12 in (0.2 - 30 cm)


Weight Capacity:

0.005 - 15 Ibs (0.002 - 6 kg)


Operating Speed:

< 5 seconds


Dimensional Increment:

0.05 in (0.1 cm)


Weight Increment:

0.005 Ibs (0.002 kg)


Object Characteristics:






Measure Sensor:

Infrared Light Beam


Weight Sensor:

Four load cells


Data Output:

Serial(1), Ethernet(1), USB(1)


Power Requirements:

100 - 240 VAC, 50 - 60 Hz


Operating Temperature:

32° - 104 °F (0° - 40 °C)



0% - 90% Non-condensing